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Upcoming Presentations

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Confusion in Use: Trademarks and Public Safety


Intellectual Property Scholars Conference

DePaul College of Law

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The Structure of Legal Rights


H.L.A. Hart Lecture (2019)

University of Surrey, Faculty of Law

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Fairness in IP

Seminar on IP (2019)

Haken School of Economics, Faculty of Law


The Authorship of Technology: Authorship and Invention in a World of AI (2019)


Koç University Law School, Istanbul, Turkey

Past Presentations


Moral Rights in Copyright and the Self:

A Philosophical Investigation


2019 George Mason Law School Colloquium on Philosophical Approaches to IP (invited)

Problems in Theory: Intellectual Property


The Fourth Annual IP Mosaic Conference IP Unbundled: Theory, Policy, and Practice, University of New Hampshire School of Law (2018)

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Rx Marks


DePaul College of Law (invited)


Early Moral Rights Theorists in Copyright Law


University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law (2012)


Aspects of Intellectual Property Law and Licensing in the U.S. and Europe


European School of Economics (invited), Florence, Italy (2012)


The Confusion Trap: Rethinking a Defense for Parody in Trademark Law


Oxford Intellectual Property Discussion Group (invited) (2011)


An Empirical Analysis of Fair Use Decisions Under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy

Empirical Analysis of Law Seminar, Harvard Law School (2011)


Culture, Creativity, & Copyright


8th Annual Works in Progress IP Conference, Boston University School of Law (2011)


Reasonable Perception and Parody in Copyright Law


IP Scholars Roundtable, Drake University Law School (2010)


Teaching Without Infringement: A New Model for Educational Fair Use


7th Annual Works in Progress IP Conference, Seton Hall Law School (2009)


In Search of (Maintaining) the Truth: The Use of Copyright Law by Religious Organizations


Intellectual Property Scholars Conference, Cardozo Law School (2009)

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