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simonlg provides legal services related to real estate, corporate/business law, contracts, healthcare, and intellectual property law. Dr. Simon has represented hedge fund managers, investment firms, professional athletes, small businesses, and individuals in a variety of business transactions.  

Legal Services
Real Estate
       Closings - Residential & Commercial
       Commercial Leases
       Condominium Law & Conversions 
       Building Violations 
       Property Tax Appeals
       Contract drafting and negotiation
       International Investment Vehicles
       International Legal Compliance
Contract Drafting & Negotiation
Corporate Formation, Governance, & Acquisition
       LLCs (LLC & Series)
       Corporations (B, C, P & S Corps)            
       Partnerships (GP, LP, LLP, LLLP)
       Non-profits, NGOs, & Foundations
       Corporate advice and documentation
       Raising Capital
       FDA (drug & device)
       Sale, Merger of Medical Practice
Intellectual Property & Entertainment
       Trade Secrets
       Domain-Name Disputes
       Licensing & Contracts
       Nondisclosure/Confidentiality Agreements

Real Estate

Our firm works with residential and commercial property owners to negotiate and complete real estate transactions, negotiate commercial leases, or assist with other matters related to real estate. We regularly advise Condominium and Homeowners' Assocations on a wide array of matters, ranging from building code violations to interpretation of declarations and by-laws to mediating disputes between unit owners.  simonlg also works closely with business clients and foreign nationals who are interested in acquiring real estate for personal enjoyment or investment purposes. Our firm assists these clients in complying with the legal and tax requirements for purchasing real estate in the United States, which usually entails corporate formation and tax planning. 

Corporate & Business Law

Our firm also assists individuals, realtors, and businesses with issues of corporate and business law. simonlg assists clients in optimizing tax rates and minimizing liability using business entities, such as LLCs and Corporations. Our firm collaborates with clients to select an entity best matches their goals, and to structure the business and comply with corporate governance rules. simonlg provides legal guidance for investors and entrepreneurs when purchasing a business or investing their assets in an existing business. Our firm also advises clients attempting to raise capital, and assists them in funding rounds, securities compliance, and entity structuring. Frequently this means advising clients on how securities laws can affect their investment/funding decisions, marketing, and business plans.


simonlg represents companies and individuals seeking to comply with federal law and regulations concerning the practice of medicine, drugs, and devices. David has a wide range of research expertise in innovation, drug & device regulation, and reimbursement. He consults with companies on a range of issues related to product development and launch. 

Intellectual Property Law

In addition to services related to real estate & business law, simonlg provides legal services in intellectual property, contracts, and general legal matters. The firm's services include contract drafting & negotiation, nondisclosure/confidentiality agreements, copyright and trademark registrations, trademark office actions, licensing negotiations, and trade secret transactions. simonlg works with small and medium-sized businesses to protect their brands and intellectual property. This may include obtaining copyright or trademark registration, drafting licensing or confidentiality agreements, and combating online defamation or cybersquatting. David also works with singers, songwriters, and artists in protecting their art and image through licensing, registration, and enforcement of intellectual property rights. David is a recognized expert on intellectual property and has written extensively on the topic. He has consulted with law firms on a variety of copyright and trademark issues, including moral rights claims under 106A of the Copyright Act.




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